Villainous Nights is a new pilot series by Voltage Entertainment USA/Lovestruck released on 2/26/18.

Plot Synopsis Edit

You’re a psychic in training and you’ve been kidnapped by the most dangerous and sexy supervillains in the world! Forced to help them defeat a hidden darkness, they show you that even evil is just shades of grey, and love can bloom in the darkest of nights.   

Overview Edit

The story takes place in an alternate San Francisco where the heroine and Player Character is thrilled to have landed an internship with Optimus, a prestigious corporation that is the leading sponsor of super-powered humans in the world. On her very first day on the job, however, she catches a masked intruder in the middle of an attack on the company, and soon her perspective on who's right and who's wrong begins to shift as she becomes more and more entangled with the team that call themselves "the Syndicate."

Characters Edit

Love Interests: Edit

Renzei Feng: Falcon

Lorelei Linden: Badger

Duke Vale: Wolf

Andi Kim: Cat

Side Characters: Edit


Robin Sanders