Lorelei Linden
Vital statistics
Position Architect/Villan
Age 35
Status lesbian
Physical attributes
Height 5'11"
Weight Unknown
Lorelie Linden is a selectable
Lorelei Linden (aka The Stone Badger) is a selectable character from the Lovestruck game Villainous Nights. Lorelei proves her badass credentials battling Optimus and keeping MC (Monarch) out of danger. Lorelei in particular is The Big Guy of the team with her rock powers and her high-impact fighting style. She has power over earth and rock. In addition to making barriers and disrupting enemies' footing, she frequently shapes stone gauntlets around her hands to add weight to her punches.

Background Edit

Coming soon....

Appearance Edit

Lorelei (Badger) has short, reddish hair, dark complexion and piercing green eyes. She is tall, muscular, and stern.

Outfits Edit

  • Work Attire:
  • Formal Attire:
  • Casual Attire:
  • Sleepwear:

Personality Edit

Lorelei is blunt, straightforward, and no-nonsense. She is slow to warm up to people and selective with her words. She is hard to get to know, but worth th Com o tempo ela pode se tornar uma pessoa carinhosa e protetora com quem ela ama.

Trivia Edit

  • Monarch e Lorelei têm essa dinâmica na rota de Lorelei, com Lorelei como o masculino e Monarch como o feminino.
  • When MC first meets her, before she learns her name, the heroine's narration tags Lorelei as "Breathtaking Butch."
  • Lorelei is all about her coffee.